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Why choose AirCharge wireless chargers for your business?

Aircharge is a state of the art Wireless Charging solution, where chargers are installed and integrated directly to the furniture, providing wireless charging capabilities, creating that sleek and aesthetic finish to your venue or business.

The chargers embedded into the furniture creates a luxury look whilst at the same time transforming the table into a smart wireless charging table.

You have the option to opt for a customized design, where you can include your business logo and QR menu.

Aircharge is the global leading wireless charging solution for Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Fast food venues, offices and more, to power up customers mobile devices through their daily routine.

By deploying Aircharge wireless charging to your venues your business or shop will benefit from:

- More clients coming to your venue from the Aircharge Global App directed through GPS to the nearest charging location.

- Returning customers because of the Aircharge premium wireless charging service.

- Stand out from other businesses.

- Free advertisement on the Aircharge App for life.

- Already installed in the largest brands and franchises abroad like Burger King, KFC Mc Donald's etc..

- Contactless ordering with QR and NFC capabilities provided by Aircharge+. (Can be linked with already existing digital menus or App)

- This product is very attractive towards teenage customers all the way up to young adults guaranteeing increased footfall and revenue.

Some additional details and features about our product:

- These chargers are Official Apple & Android Qi Certified for full life-long compatibility, and customization.

- Aircharge also has a globally deployed App that drives customers and tourists to your venue.

- The chargers are embedded and integrated directly in various finishes for a luxury look, thus chargers can never be stolen or tempered with.

- They are also Waterproof, Dust proof & Cleaning agent resistant for use and abuse.

- Aircharge is already deployed and trusted by the largest franchises and brands worldwide across 55 countries globally.

Get in touch today for a free inspection and quote at:

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